Software development is key to the strength and flexibility of Prodevco Robotic Solutions

Our Operating System

Behind every Prodevco product is our versatile and adaptable operating system. This technology has been 100% developed in-house by the Prodevco team allowing for customization to meet our individual customers’  needs.
Prodevco’s operating system imports DSTV files directly without macros eliminating the need to export your files to a new file format, saving time and costly errors in translation.
See what you are working on before you start. Prodevco software allows for direct visualization of your drawings on the PCR control panel.
Our system saves time by automatically converting  your CAD drawings into a robot trajectory. No manual operation required.
Planning production times and scheduling work is easy with the fast calculations of the process time for a fully-produced steel part.
Using measurements from a precise laser vision system integrated in the robot, the SmartProSteel applies dimensional correction to varying profiles in order to provide the perfect final product with a perfect cut.

Run smoothly and efficiently while reducing waste. Prodevco's software quickly and easily delivers efficient, and time-saving methods of nesting your parts to minimize material loss to reduce cost.
Prodevco's software has the ability to switch between Metric and Imperial at the touch of a button accommodating any drawings and any operator. This saves time while reducing costs.
The software interface will allow quick and simple control of the in-feed and out-feed roller conveyors speed and transfer. Control production parameters such as layout marking speed and depth, or swapping between different types of cuts.  Plus store and export production data for future use making the next job setup more efficient.
Save time and money. With remote access to the PCR via Internet Prodevco is just a click away to offer fast diagnostics and troubleshooting.